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Our Core Values

Quality of Life

Commonwealth Care Alliance promotes healthcare service delivery choices for our members that enable achievement of their goals for quality of life.

Commitment to Community

Commonwealth Care Alliance grounds our actions and decisions in the local community through engagement of community resources, through partnerships with community-based care systems, and by keeping our members in the community whenever possible through support for members and their families and respect for the depth of their cultural values.

Patient-Centered Care

Commonwealth Care Alliance endorses the principles of patient-centered care, and promotes and supports consumer participation in care planning and decision making in all clinical settings. Commonwealth Care Alliance is committed to listening to and representing the voice of our members; our policies promote self-direction to the maximal extent possible.

Choice of Care Givers

Commonwealth Care Alliance recognizes and is committed to honoring the longstanding relationships between individuals with chronic illnesses or disabilities and their physicians, specialists, therapists and other health care workers, and welcomes these workers to our networks.


Commonwealth Care Alliance supports the essential relationship between those receiving care and those providing and managing care and makes significant investment in primary care resources to enhance the primary care services available to our members.

Coordination of Care

Commonwealth Care Alliance works to improve the connections, communications, and integration of all aspects of our members’ care across specialties, home care, and community-based services, to maximize quality.


Commonwealth Care Alliance members have the right to compassionate care and assurance that care giving is sensitive, empathic, and respectful.


Commonwealth Care Alliance is committed to serving as a national leader in establishing a “gold standard” that moves the healthcare delivery system toward prevention to improve the experience of providers and our most vulnerable citizens as they consume healthcare services.

Consumer Voice

Commonwealth Care Alliance promotes the integration of the consumer voice into our governing structure through an approach that ensures that consumer advocacy organizations appoint our Board of Directors.

Foster Innovation

Commonwealth Care Alliance seeks to continuously innovate to enhance our administrative practices, to provide the highest quality of care based on the best evidence available, and to engage all providers in improving the care they deliver to our members.