Commonwealth Care Alliance

The History of Commonwealth Care Alliance

The organization known today as Commonwealth Care Alliance has its roots in a decades-long collaboration between dedicated clinicians, advocacy groups, community organizers, philanthropic funders, government agencies, and policymakers.

Beginning in the 1970s, visionary healthcare leaders in Massachusetts came together and stayed together to build a statewide community health movement that arguably has no counterpart anywhere in the nation. Inspired by the values of human dignity, individual empowerment, and fair access to care, this movement built a strong network of community health centers in low-income neighborhoods across Massachusetts. It introduced a range of care delivery innovations that measurably improved the lives and independence of vulnerable populations – including the frail, the elderly, the sick, and those with disabilities.


Complete integration of care

The core idea was a truly integrated model of enhanced primary care, using an interdisciplinary team to provide and coordinate the full spectrum of care – primary care, behavioral health care, and social services and supports.

For the past thirty years, a number of organizations have been at the forefront of implementing this care model:

In 2003, Dr. Master and the leaders of these organizations collaborated to found Commonwealth Care Alliance. Since the beginning, CCA has been nationally recognized as a model for how to provide high-quality care at lower cost for dually eligible Medicare and Medicaid patients.


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