Commonwealth Care Alliance

Mobile Integrated Health

Mobile Integrated Health

Acute Community Care Program

Addressing an important need for our members

Half of CCA's members have four or more chronic conditions. Four out of five members have some kind of behavioral health condition. As a result, our members go to the emergency room three times more often than the general population in Massachusetts. What’s more, nearly all of our members’ inpatient hospital admissions begin with an emergency department visit.

Knowing that going to the emergency room can be stressful and traumatic, we wanted to find a way to reduce avoidable ER visits and hospitalizations for our members. Our Acute Community Care program does exactly this, in addition to reducing members' risk of complications and lowering healthcare costs. 


Integrated healthcare goes mobile

Originally a pilot under a waiver from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, this program partners with EasCare Ambulance to send paramedics to respond to members’ urgent care needs right in their own homes.

These paramedics have specialized training, as well as diagnostic and care skills that exceed those of standard ambulance services. They work in close communication and collaboration with the CCA primary care teams who are familiar with our members. When sent to a member’s home, Acute Community Care paramedics perform physical exams, conduct assessments, and provide care when medically appropriate.

Excellent outcomes – for members and for healthcare

Out of those members who received care under this program in the first year, 89% were able to remain home with care from Acute Community Care paramedics, and only 9% had to be taken to emergency rooms and 2% to inpatient care. Members are extremely satisfied with these results. And when the various potential costs are accounted for – including ambulance service, ER care, hospital observations stays and inpatient admissions – data compiled by CCA show that the program results in significant cost savings for the healthcare system as a whole. Higher quality care. Lower costs. That’s the power of innovation at CCA.

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