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How We’re Different

Founded in 2003, Commonwealth Care Alliance is a thriving nonprofit organization providing integrated healthcare and social support services to seniors, people with disabilities and complex medical needs.


Our Workplace Values
At Commonwealth Care Alliance, our “Workplace Values” set the tone for our work style and work ethic. These values – Integrity, Collaboration and Caring, Accountability, Respect, and Excellence – guide our actions, decisions, and behaviors at work. Watch the video to find out what these “ICare” values mean to us.


How we care for our members
Our unique, nationally recognized care model is empowering for our employees as well as the patients. Members of our clinical teams benefit from a much greater opportunity to get to know patients than is possible in a traditional care setting. Our Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, and allied health professionals provide medical care and support services for a small set of patients they see on a regular basis at each patient’s home or other location. Each team is led by a nurse practitioner who is responsible for calling the shots on care decisions. Because we take the time to understand each patient’s individual needs, we help many people stay at home and live with dignity and autonomy. As a result, all of us at Commonwealth Care Alliance receive the satisfaction of knowing our work truly makes a difference. We enjoy a company culture of passionate advocacy whether our role is in the field or in the office.

By joining the Commonwealth Care Alliance team, you’ll get the opportunity to truly make a difference.