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Workplace Values


We approach our work with passion, commitment, and honesty. We always intentionally act in the best interests of our colleagues and members.

Collaboration and Caring

We work together. We listen to and learn from each other, giving and receiving honest feedback, interacting with insight, sincerity, and compassion, to the benefit of all around us and those we serve.


We accept responsibility for our work and actions. We take initiative, deliver on commitments, and own our mistakes as well as our successes; all of which contribute to an empowering environment where the focus is on solving the problem and learning from our errors.


We treat each other as we would like to be treated. We recognize and respect each other’s diversity in all forms, the right to have and express personal opinions, and the ability to grow and develop professionally as a valued employee.


We work to our highest ability. We inspire each other to explore the best possible approach towards the success of the organization and fulfillment of our mission, striving for quality, innovation, continuous learning and excellence in all that we do.