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Member Voices

We want to know what you think about our care and services! Join Member Voices to participate in our consumer engagement programs.
Member Voices

Bringing Our Members Together

Member Voices is a program that brings our members together, in different ways, so that we can learn what you think about the care and services you get from CCA and our partners. We use this information to learn what we need to do to improve our services as a health plan and care organization, and make sure that we and our providers are:

  • Respecting our members’ values, preferences, and expressed needs
  • Preserving our members’ autonomy, dignity, and self-determination
  • Helping our members be part of their community, sharing decision-making and co-creating care goals

As a participant in Member Voices, you'll be invited to events like focus groups, surveys, workshops, advisory groups, and more.

Will you join us? Will you add your voice to the many voices already involved? If your answer is yes, please call Candace Smith at 617-960-0383 or email

Consumer Advisory Groups

These groups give you an opportunity to voice your opinions and help us find new ways to better meet your needs and those of the disability community. Our two multi-regional Consumer Advisory Committees (CAC) have 24 members from six different counties, and the Western Massachusetts CAC has eight members from two counties. The SCO Ambassadors Group is composed of 12 members drawn from three different counties.

Our goal is to maintain a diverse group membership that includes individuals of all races, genders, ages, and disability types. Membership is voluntary. You'll attend and participate in quarterly meetings, and offer ideas and potential solutions to problems that are discussed. You'll receive a payment for each meeting, as well as transportation to and from meetings. Committees are offered regionally in the counties served by our plans.

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