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Clinical Guidelines

CCA strongly supports the use of evidence-based medicine and decision-making. We include the following page to provide quality resources to assist providers in taking care of their patients. Guidelines and protocols can be used as a point of reference when making decisions regarding the care of a patient, specifically in terms of preventive care. We understand that ultimately the decisions must be made by the clinician and the patient, and hope that these guidelines are helpful in decision-making. They have been developed by recognized experts and reviewed by CCA’s Clinical Quality Committee. 

Guidelines and Protocols

Topic* Source Approved by CCA
Primary Care and Prevention
Adult Preventive Care Guidelines 2017 MHQP December 2017
Adult Immunization Guidelines 2017 CDC December 2017
Colorectal Cancer Screening Guidelines 2016 USPSTF December 2017
Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines 2009 USPSTF December 2017
Cervical Cancer Screening Guidelines 2012 USPSTF December 2017
Disability Competent Care Resources for Integrated Care March 2018
Behavioral Health
Major Depressive Disorder Reference Guide 2010 APA January 2018
Substance Use Disorders Reference Guide 2006 APA January 2018
Opiate Prescribing Guidelines 2017 CDC December 2017
Chronic Disease
Type 2 Diabetes Care 2016 ADA January 2018
Diagnosis and Care of Dementia AAN January 2018
Hypertension Approach, Screening, and Follow-up 2017 ACC January 2018
Hypertension Prevention, Detection, Evaluation, and Management 2017 ACC January 2018
Optimization of Heart Failure Treatment 2017 ACC January 2018

Similar to the above guidelines, these assessment tools can help clinicians follow treatment and assess functional and medical improvement in certain conditions to help guide therapy and decision-making. 

Assessment Tools and Metrics

Topic* Source Approved by CCA
Promis-29 PROMIS® December 2017
PHQ-9 SAMHSA December 2017
PHQ-9 Spanish SAMHSA January 2018
AUDIT-C SAMHSA December 2017
CAGE AID SAMHSA January 2018
ASSIST WHO January 2018
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