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Going Green!

Eliminating Paper EOB Statements

On October 1, 2014, Commonwealth Care Alliance eliminated the mailing of EOB (Explanation of Benefits) statements. These statements are available to all providers online via the Healthcare Link system. Healthcare Link, which delivers remittance information and electronic payment information to our providers, replaced the paper delivery of EOB statements. Our new service offers providers online access to current EOB statements, as well as affording our providers a ten-year archive of the payment and EOB information.

EOBs can be printed from the Healthcare Link website, and ANSI 835 Electronic remittance advice (ERAs) are also available for download. The website has tools and work flow management options to further manage your payments and remittances.

To get started, you first need to create an online account. A letter was sent to all Commonwealth Care Alliance providers with directions and a registration code. To register, follow this link.

If you need additional assistance or do not have your registration code, please email the support team at or call 800-306-0732Prompt 2 (EDI Team). You may also contact Commonwealth Care Alliance Provider Relations at:

Be sure to register as soon as possible for online access to your electronic EOB and other tools. We have gone live October 1st.