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Year after year, Commonwealth Care Alliance continues to improve the health and well-being of our members and patients, while improving clinical metrics and reducing unnecessary healthcare costs.

Health Plan Clinical Results

CCA’s uncommon care® model has demonstrated success in reaching and engaging individuals with significant medical, behavioral, and social needs—improving quality of care while reducing avoidable hospital admissions and emergency room utilization.


Patient Engagement Rate1


Reduced IP Admissions

2020 vs. 20192

Reduced ED Utilization

2020 vs. 20192

The CCA uncommon care® model has demonstrated success in building care partnerships with CCA One Care members and improving care for people with significant needs, while also lowering the long-term costs of care by reducing avoidable hospital re-admissions and institutional care.

All-cause 30-day readmission rate
for CCA One Care members from 2019 to 2020
Emergency department visits
Rate per 1,000 for CCA One Care members from 2019 to 2020
Acute admissions
Acute medical/
surgical/maternity admissions per 1,000 for CCA One Care members from 2019 to 2020

By successfully engaging SCO members in our uncommon care® model, CCA Senior Care Options improves their quality of life while also reducing long-term costs attributed to hospital admissions and ambulatory care.

of CCA SCO members are nursing home certifiable, yet are able to live safely and independently at home with our care and support
30-day hospital readmission rate
for CCA SCO members from 2019 to 2020
Acute admissions
Acute medical/surgical admissions per 1,000 for CCA SCO members from 2019 to 2020
Inpatient expenses
per member, per month for CCA SCO members from 2019 to 2020
of SCO members who received CCA care and support for at least 9 years are still living in their home or community

Care Delivery Clinical Results

Our community-based Crisis Stabilization Unit successfully treats members with acute psychiatric crises, reducing the need for inpatient admissions.

savings in average per diem cost for CSU admissions ($696 versus average inpatient admission costs of $1,071 per day)
of admissions in 2020 came from the ER and avoided potential inpatient hospital, inpatient psychiatric, or external crisis unit admissions
of members and patients at CCA CSUs rated their overall satisfaction as “good” or “excellent” in satisfaction surveys
reduction in length of stay 2020 vs. 2019

Our person-centered palliative care services help address the special ongoing needs of CCA members with serious or life-limiting illnesses.

estimated cost savings to CCA in 2020
decrease in per member, per month costs
reduction in rates of hospitalization (per 1,000 patient days)
members reporting high satisfaction with the program

Health Solutions Clinical Results

InstED logo

Our Mobile Integrated Health (MIH) program provides in-home urgent medical care and reduces avoidable emergency room visits and hospital admissions for members with acute care needs.

of visits avoided an emergency department or inpatient admission within 3 days
estimated cost savings to CCA in 2020
out of 10
patient satisfaction scores based on how likely they were to recommend instED to family or friends

Individualized care that improves the health and well-being of people with complex needs

CCA helps people with significant needs live safely and independently at home. Watch Bill’s story to see our uncommon care® model in action.

Results as of 12/1/2020 unless otherwise noted.

1 Percent of ICO + SCO members weighted together who have at least 1 qualifying touch by a care team member within a given month (Rolling 3-month average, 7/2021)

2 Combined CCA ICO + SCO rate per 1,000 members; hospitalization rates are consistently below the per capita averages during COVID-19 pandemic

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