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As a mission-driven organization, Commonwealth Care Alliance® (CCA) attracts individuals with a sense of purpose who are passionate about helping others. Our team members are driven by creativity, ingenuity, persistence, innovation, compassion, and collaboration. When you join us, you’ll be more than just an employee. You’ll be part of a team that recognizes your strengths and embraces your individualism.

As an organization focused on providing equitable healthcare services, we’re committed to hiring a team with diverse ethnicities, values, preferences, and backgrounds. At CCA, we strive for inclusion excellence and we’re focused on developing a culture where every individual is valued for who they are and is given opportunities for growth.

If you’re looking for a career with a purpose—where your differences and opinions will be respected, valued, and celebrated—CCA may be right for you!

Male care partner standing and smiling with arms crossed in CCA jacket with stethoscope around neck

Our Mission and Core Values

At CCA, we’re passionate about fulfilling and advancing our mission to improve the health and well-being of people with significant needs by innovating, coordinating, and providing the highest-quality, individualized care. Our core values help us foster a culture of integrity, dignity, compassion, excellence, stewardship, community, partnership, and innovation.

Honor our commitment to our mission and values, holding ourselves to the highest ethical standards of behavior.

Respect the inherent value and personal choices of all stakeholders, including patients, members, families, colleagues, providers, advocates, and others.

Engage all stakeholders with empathy, caring, and understanding.

Exceed expectations through teamwork and innovation to deliver best-in-class service to the people we care for and the customers and providers we work with.

Manage people and resources responsibly to maximize our contribution to the health of our members, patients, customers, and providers.

Advocate and support social change to promote a culture of collaboration, diversity, and inclusiveness.

Collaborate actively with patients, members, and providers to design and improve our care.

Invest in creative solutions that improve outcomes for patients, members, and providers.

A diverse group of people putting together a puzzle

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are woven into the fabric of our mission and values—from how we recruit top talent, to the collaborative spaces we create for employees to express themselves, to the way we serve our members. We understand that the diversity of our staff and their perspectives are essential drivers of innovation, creativity, stewardship, and our performance.

At CCA, we value and celebrate the uniqueness of every individual by fostering an environment of inclusion, respect, belonging, and empowerment.

Diversity is defined by who we are as individuals. CCA recognizes that its strength comes from the dedication, experience, talents, and perspectives of every employee. Diversity encompasses the range of similarities and differences each individual brings to the workplace, including but not limited to national origin, language, race, color, disability, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, socioeconomic status, veteran status, and family structures.

The CCA Diversity and Inclusion Council fosters organizational change by establishing a dedicated focus on diversity and inclusion as a business imperative, and leading diversity and inclusion initiatives at CCA. The council provides a platform for overseeing, assessing, and supporting the effectiveness of the diversity and inclusion strategy, the diversity networks, and community outreach. The council also introduces new strategic initiatives when needed.

As we grow, our goal is to continue to build a high-performing, diverse, and inclusive workforce based on acceptance and trust. To stay true to this mission, we’ve developed diversity networks that gather CCA team members who share common values and interests.

Open to everyone at CCA, our networks focus specifically on giving minority groups and their allies a voice. These groups include:

  • Black/African American and Allies
  • Asian and Allies
  • Hispanic/Latinos and Allies
  • Women and Allies
  • Pride and Allies
  • People with Disabilities and Allies

Boston Globe Top Places to Work for in MA for diversity, equity, and inclusion logo

The Boston Globe ranked CCA number one on its List of Top Places to Work: Diversity Edition

This recognition is a testament to our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion—especially when recruiting, hiring, and developing compensation, benefits, and professional development programs.

CCA employees helping the community during the COVID-19 pandemic

Social Responsibility

In 2020, when the pandemic made community engagement even more critical, CCA fielded a new Community Outreach team to help foster social responsibility and reduce health disparities. To help combat food insecurity, CCA donated over $100,000 to food banks across the state and joined forces with Lynn Community Health Center to co-sponsor a monthly mobile food market where volunteers—CCA team members included—distribute food to over 400 families in the community each month. During COVID-19 the team attended 500+ community events, hosted approximately 200 more, and distributed 8,000+ care packages to individuals living in low-income housing.

Do YOU want a career with a purpose?

Compassion and innovation are part of our DNA. We’re looking for team members who have a passion for transforming healthcare for people who need it most.

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