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CCA launched a pilot with Somerville-Cambridge Elder Services to screen members for loneliness and offer community-based and behavioral health support 

Loneliness is increasing among older adults, especially those who live alone. Many older adults also feel they do not have the social connections they need, due to factors such as the death of a spouse. To address these issues, CCA partnered with Somerville-Cambridge Elder Services, a social services provider, to screen 100 members for loneliness and offer support through community-based programs and behavioral health consultations for those deemed at high risk. Those at medium risk will be referred to “Phone Buddies” for weekly phone calls. “Loneliness and social isolation are prevalent among [older adults] and even more prevalent among [older adults] with fewer resources. Resolving that can make a difference a difference in quality of life and clinical outcomes,” said Larry Gottlieb, CCA’s chief quality officer. 

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