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CCA Health California General Manager Wil Yu authored a piece in the San Jose Spotlight urging communities to provide local support to vulnerable individuals disproportionately impacted by weather emergencies, including seniors, in California.

Displacement or power loss from a natural disaster can represent a significant health risk for older individuals, who are more likely to have chronic health conditions. The inability to refill prescriptions or replace health care supplies, like oxygen tanks or insulin strips, can cause adverse health events that may be difficult or impossible to recover from, Yu writes. Losing one’s home also contributes to anxiety and depression.

“Growing up in California, I have experienced the power of our communities coming together during these pivotal and sometimes life-changing moments. But we can’t wait until those moments are upon us to act—we must take action now to prepare the most vulnerable members of our community. Planning and preparation could very well save a life,” Yu writes.

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