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Commonwealth Care Alliance President and CEO Chris Palmieri appeared on The New England Council’s Inside the Corner Office podcast to discuss Commonwealth Care Alliance’s growth, the unique ways the uncommon care® model addresses the needs of CCA members, and the organization’s broader public health and policy work.  

In Massachusetts, Palmieri discussed the thousands of interventions and services CCA delivered to members with complex health and social needs in 2022, including transportation to medical appointments, meals delivered, and assistive devices and equipment provided. Palmieri also described the role CCA has managing the cottage community on the former campus of Shattuck Hospital, where 80 homeless individuals have received temporary transitional housing, and more than 50 have gone on to permanent housing. The conversation also touched on the establishment of CCA Health Michigan and CCA Health California, and the expansion of CCA Health Rhode Island, in 2022.  

“What I’m most proud of is how many consumers we’re able to impact in a variety of delivery and payment models,” Palmieri said, noting the exponential increase in membership at CCA over the past decade.  

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