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CCA will deploy 10,000 LifePod proactive voice units to enhance remote care and increase frequency of interactions for members with complex health challenges 

BOSTON, MA – May 6, 2020Commonwealth Care Alliance® (CCA), a nationally recognized not-for-profit community-based healthcare organization focused on care coordination and delivery for high-cost, high-needs individuals, today announced that they have led a $5 million funding round in LifePod® Solutions, Inc. (LifePod). This infusion of funds will allow CCA to distribute approximately 10,000 LifePod proactive voice units to its members across Massachusetts as part of a broader virtual care program the organization is deploying during the COVID-19 crisis. 

LifePod’s unique proactive voice capability enables providers and caregivers to check in with and create reminders for individuals with significant health issues, including adults with disabilities and chronic health needs, as well as older adults aging in place. Through this expanded relationship with LifePod, CCA will greatly enhance its ability to engage with its members, and to check in on their medical, behavioral health, and social needs at a time when home visits are severely reduced to protect public health and safety. 

“As we navigate this ongoing COVID-19 crisis and adapt to the changing healthcare landscape, we are determined to fulfill our mission of providing the best possible care for individuals with the most significant needs,” said Christopher D. Palmieri, president and CEO of Commonwealth Care Alliance. “Expanding the reach and impact of member engagement through remote care services like LifePod will allow us to maintain critical connections. LifePod’s proactive voice capability enables us to leverage CCA’s unique experience in addressing social determinants of health and continue bolstering a care model that has set the standard for managing complex patient populations.”  

The relationship between CCA and LifePod had its roots in a 50-member pilot that launched in October 2018 as a test of the proactive voice caregiving service. The results showed enormous potential, with CCA members using the service up to nine times per day.

“CCA has been a longtime partner to LifePod and was one of the company’s earliest investors,” said Jon Gordon, senior vice president of innovation for CCA and managing director of Winter Street Ventures®. “We are thrilled to build on this relationship at a time when virtual care is more important than ever, and to deploy LifePod’s services to our members as we work together to help address care plan adherence, loneliness, and other crucial social determinants of health.”

CCA’s investment will be managed through its Winter Street Ventures investment arm. As part of the investment, Gordon will take on the role of CEO of LifePod, where he will leverage CCA’s experience with innovation to guide LifePod’s development strategy and deploy its innovative capabilities both to CCA’s members and to other organizations serving individuals with complex needs.  

About Commonwealth Care Alliance

Commonwealth Care Alliance® (CCA) is the not-for-profit, community-based healthcare organization whose mission is to improve the health and well-being of people with significant needs by innovating, coordinating, and providing the highest-quality, individualized care. CCA is a nationally recognized leader in providing care for high-cost, high-needs individuals through a proven model that improves quality and health outcomes while reducing overall costs of care. In Massachusetts, CCA’s two health plans serve over 37,000 members who are dually eligible for Medicaid and Medicare, and for four consecutive years, CCA’s One Care plan earned a top rating from a consumer survey conducted by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Learn more about CCA’s pioneering healthcare solutions and validated care model at or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

About LifePod Solutions 

LifePod® Solutions provides proactive voice and connected services to support those with chronic health conditions or special needs and older adults as they age in their homes. LifePod expands the capabilities of popular smart speakers with patented technology that supports proactive, natural voice dialogs to engage individuals. LifePod offers voice-first check-ins and reminders and encourages users to access other online services (e.g., music, weather, etc.) to enhance their day and help them feel more connected. The LifePod team, led by veterans in virtual assistant technology, speech recognition, IoT sensors, and online services for aging adults, works closely with at-risk payor and provider organizations to improve health outcomes and reduce the costs of long-term care. To learn more, please visit

About Winter Street Ventures

Winter Street Ventures is the for-profit healthcare investment affiliate of Commonwealth Care Alliance® (CCA) that partners with entrepreneurs to apply their innovations to address the needs of CCA members. Learn more about Winter Street Ventures at

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