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Meet Mark Waggoner, CCA’s Massachusetts general manager. Mark is focused on deepening CCA’s provider partnerships across the Commonwealth.

Q: What does “partnership” mean to CCA when we talk about engaging and working closely with providers?

CCA has a long history of collaborating with providers in support of the individuals we mutually serve. Many CCA members have significant needs that extend beyond traditional medical care, and we take great pride in working as an extension of the physician care team. Together, we can ensure that individuals have access to a wide range of social support services to help them achieve their personal goals and live safely and independently in the community.

Q: What’s unique about CCA’s care model when it comes to provider support?

First, we have robust, personal engagement with our members through our CCA Care Partners and other members of the CCA Inter-Disciplinary Team (IDT). Team members form close relationships with members and have extensive insight into each individual’s physical and social needs. Because of this close connection with our members, CCA may provide helpful information to physicians and other healthcare professionals in support of the care they are delivering to CCA members. In fact, CCA is often able to share information directly through the integration of our respective electronic medical record systems – a best practice in the industry.

Q: How can the CCA team support providers who are treating high-need, complex patients?

We understand that many CCA members not only have complex medical needs, but their needs also extend well beyond the walls of the traditional healthcare system. We also appreciate that our provider partners are working tirelessly and often experience the challenges of balancing significant demands on their time. CCA’s resources complement the physician’s work and act as an extension of the provider care team to coordinate patients’ wide-ranging social and community support needs.

Q: What’s top of mind for you in the care transformation space?

CCA and our provider partners are closely aligned to meet the broad range of medical and social needs of those we collectively serve. We share best practices with one another and analyze information to identify opportunities to enhance quality and access to needed services – all through the lens of cost efficiency. Amid these efforts, we recognize that there is always opportunity to improve outcomes for the individuals we serve. Over the coming months, CCA will be working with provider partners to evolve both the information we share to support their extraordinary work, and optimize how CCA aligns with providers to deepen the impact of our work together.

If you or a team member would like to connect with CCA to discuss ways that our organizations can collaborate even more effectively, please connect with Helen Connaughton, CCA’s vice president of market partnership strategy and performance.  Helen can be reached at [email protected].

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