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Get help with your high seasonal utility bills 

February 9, 2023
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Extreme temperatures and rising energy costs can combine to result in high utility bills. We understand this is a true barrier to safety for many individuals and families.   

How can you save?

There are many strategies that can help with high energy bills, such as the following tips:

Who can you call?

Below are local resources you can consult to find out more about getting help with your utility bills.

You can call the Consumer Division of the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities at 877-886-5066 to find out what options are available to you, including whether you are eligible for fuel assistance.

In addition, Mass Save offers a variety of programs to help make your home more energy efficient, which can lower your bills, and may even come with tax benefits if you own your home. Mass Save also offers no-cost or discounted energy efficiency services to income-eligible households in Massachusetts.

You can contact the Rhode Island Department of Human Services at (401) 462-6419 to find out whether you are eligible for assistance with your utility bills. Rhode Island’s Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) helps eligible low-income residents pay their heating bills. Applications are taken at local Community Action Program agencies. Learn more here.

The Michigan Energy Assistance Program (MEAP) runs programs throughout the state to help low-income households pay for utilities. Low-income residents could be eligible for a home heating credit. The State Emergency Relief program can provide an intervention in the event of a crisis, such as when a household’s heat has already been shut off. 

 At, you can view a list of services and resources available to help. You can also call 211 or visit to find out about your options.  

The California Department of Community Services & Development runs the state’s Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), which provides assistance to eligible low-income households with the goal of managing and meeting their immediate home heating and/or cooling needs. You can also call 211 to find out more about what options may be available to you for help.

Remember: You can play a role in helping your community stay safe in extreme temperatures by sharing these tips and resources with others who may need them. 

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