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If you have any questions regarding the information in CCA’s provider manual, please email Provider Relations at [email protected].

Section 15: Marketing Guidelines

Marketing Guidelines

Providers may market Commonwealth Care Alliance to prospective members; however, they must follow current Medicaid and Medicare Marketing Guidelines:

Provider-Based Activities

To the extent that a provider can assist a beneficiary in an objective assessment of his/her needs and potential options to meet those needs, they may do so. Contracted providers may engage in discussions with beneficiaries should a beneficiary seek advice. However, Commonwealth Care Alliance must ensure that contracted providers are aware of their responsibility to remain neutral when assisting with enrollment decisions and do not:

  • Offer scope of appointment forms
  • Accept Medicare enrollment applications
  • Make phone calls or direct, urge or attempt to persuade beneficiaries to enroll in a specific plan based on financial or any other interests of the provider
  • Mail marketing materials on behalf of Commonwealth Care Alliance
  • Offer anything of value to induce plan enrollees to select them as their provider
  • Offer incentives to persuade beneficiaries to enroll in a particular plan or organization
  • Conduct health screening as a marketing activity
  • Accept compensation directly or indirectly from the plan for enrollment activities
  • Distribute materials/applications in an exam room

Contracted providers may:

  • Provide the names of Plans/Part D Sponsors with which they contract and/or participate
  • Provide information and assistance in applying for the low income subsidy (LIS)
  • Make available and/or distribute plan marketing materials in common areas
  • Refer their patients to other sources of information, such as SHIPs, Commonwealth Care Alliance marketing representatives, their State Medicaid Office, local Social Security Office, CMS’ website, or 1-800-MEDICARE
  • Share information with patients from CMS’ website, including the “Medicare and You” Handbook or “Medicare Options Compare” (from, or other documents that were written by or previously approved by CMS
  • Share information with patients from MassHealth’s Senior Care Options website
  • Share information with patients from MassHealth’s One Care website