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Let’s serve the people who need us most, together

We are mission-driven professionals dedicated to helping people with complex health needs receive high-quality care, enabling them to lead the fullest lives possible. We have developed an innovative, holistic model of enhanced care that fully integrates medical, behavioral, and social services. Our outcomes have been outstanding and have gained national recognition.

We have also attracted a large and diverse network of healthcare providers across the continuum of care. We collaborate with providers to deliver the highest-quality, individualized care. Below are our recent clinical quality and customer service results for our members in Massachusetts.

The CCA uncommon care® model has demonstrated success in reaching and engaging individuals with significant medical, behavioral, and social needs—improving quality of care while reducing avoidable hospital admissions and emergency room utilization.


Patient engagement rate1


Reduced IP admissions

2020 vs. 20192

Reduced ED utilization

2020 vs. 20192

1 Percent of ICO + SCO members weighted together who have at least 1 qualifying touch by a care team member within a given month (Rolling 3-month average, 7/2021)

2 Combined CCA ICO + SCO rate per 1,000 members; hospitalization rates are consistently below the per capita averages during COVID-19 pandemic

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