Leslie's Story
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Leslie's Story

May 15, 2017

Posted by Commonwealth Care Alliance

Leslie J., a 55-year-old woman living on her own in western Massachusetts, joined our One Care program soon after its launch in 2013. She liked all of her doctors and was receiving good care back then, but the One Care program’s extra benefits and services made the decision easy. Today, she knows she made the right choice. Leslie says, “CCA gives me extra support I can count on when I need it, as long as I need it.”
Shortly after Leslie joined One Care, she had unexpected foot surgery and had to wear a big boot on one foot for six weeks afterwards. For that whole time, she couldn’t do many of the things she normally does, including driving. That meant she couldn’t get to see the doctors she relies on for regular care—including a talk therapist and a psychiatric nurse who helps her manage her medications. Leslie is independent and could handle her daily activities during recovery, but she was concerned about not being able to see these providers.

However, Leslie reports that her six weeks of recuperation went very smoothly because her care manager, Cindy, arranged for extra supports for as long as necessary. Cindy anticipated Leslie’s needs for a walker and shower chair during her post-op recovery and made sure those items were in place at Leslie’s home when needed. Even more important, Cindy arranged for a health outreach worker to make regular home visits, mostly just to talk and provide emotional support. Leslie says, “I’m very grateful that she was available to me through the toughest part, and that she kept coming as long as I needed her.”

Leslie says that just knowing Cindy is there for her is a constant reassurance. “Whenever I need something, I just call Cindy and she makes it happen,” she reports. With CCA’s care team always available, Leslie is able to live independently as she wishes and to enjoy activities such as hosting a weekly crafts get-together for her friends.
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