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Medicare card

CCA Medicare Advantage Plans

If you’re eligible for Medicare, CCA Health offers Medicare Advantage plans with extra benefits that don’t cost extra. These include $0 medical and drug deductibles, $0 primary care visits, $0 annual hearing exams, and prescription drugs starting at $0.

Plus, you get EXTRA benefits that add up to $6,575 or more a year in savings, such as $250 to help you cover routine vision services and eyewear, $3,500 for comprehensive dental care, $800 for over-the-counter health products,1 and more!

Medicare and Michigan mihealth cards

CCA Medicare Dual Special Needs Plan

If you’re eligible for Medicare and Medicaid, our CCA Medicare Maximum (HMO D-SNP) plan offers MORE benefits—at $0 cost to you.2 That includes $0 primary care and specialist visits, hospital stays, prescriptions, transportation, hearing coverage, and more.

Plus, you may qualify for EXTRA benefits that add up to $8,375 or more in savings a year, such $2,400 for over-the-counter health products1 and healthy food, up to $3,500 for comprehensive dental care, $300 a year for vision services, $100 for new sneakers, $50 per month for gas, electric, or Internet, and more!3

Understanding Medicare

Learn how Medicare works, who is eligible, how to sign up, and more!

1 Certain restrictions may apply. Only at participating locations.
2 You have to continue to pay your Medicare Part B Premium unless your Part B premium is paid for you by Medicaid.
3 The benefits mentioned are part of a special supplemental program for the chronically ill. Not all members qualify. Certain restrictions may apply. Only at participating locations. Costs may vary depending on network, plan type, product, or service.

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