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As a Commonwealth Care Alliance (CCA) member or personal representative, you can connect your health data to applications (apps) you trust.

In May 2020, the federal government published the Interoperability and Patient Access rule1 to make it easier for patients to access their health information. CCA follows this rule and ensures all members can easily get, use, and share their CCA health data. This could include your claims, demographic information, clinical data, and more.

Share your data with an app

You can choose to share your data with healthcare applications (apps) on a device, like your smartphone. Some apps are designed to help you manage your health information or improve your health. They are developed by third parties, not by CCA. The app must be registered with CCA in order for us to share your data.

Visit the Share My CCA Data site to view a list of apps registered with CCA. From here, you can authorize CCA to share the healthcare data we keep for you. Select the healthcare app of your choice. If you don’t see the app you are looking for, ask the app developers to register using the CCA Developer Portal.

After you share your data with an app

Once your healthcare data is shared with an app, CCA cannot stop the app from using your data for any purpose. This means if you authorize CCA to share your healthcare data, CCA can’t make the app delete your data or put limits on its use. CCA cannot hold app developers accountable for violating their own privacy policies. Think carefully before sharing your healthcare data.

If you think an app used or shared your information inappropriately, you can file a complaint with the FTC:

Share your data with a health plan or provider

As a CCA member, you can also ask us to send your health data to other health plans. This may make for a smoother change if you need to switch health plans. Complete the Release of Information (ROI) form below to make the request. 

Mail, fax, or email your complete form to:

Commonwealth Care Alliance
Health Information Management Department
3550 Main Street, Suite 101
Springfield, MA 01107
Fax: 413-733-1924
Email: [email protected]

Member Resources

A Guide to Accessing Your Health Information

A guide to explain the rules for accessing and sharing your data. It covers your rights and risks when sharing your health data as a CCA member. Learn how to safely share your CCA data with trusted apps.

Release of Information (ROI) Form

This form is used to release your health information from CCA to a person or organization. It can also be used to request your health information from a person or organization, such as a healthcare provider or hospital, to be shared with CCA.

App Developers

CCA members can authorize sharing their data with third-party applications (apps) that are registered with CCA. App developers can begin the registration process through the Developer Portal. From the portal, developers can access API documentation:

If you are having an issue related to one of the APIs, please email: [email protected].

Please note: Do not send members’ personal health information through email. Member-specific claims issues or authentication issues (e.g., forgot username or password) will not be resolved through the developer support mailbox.

1When you click this link, you will leave the Commonwealth Care Alliance website.

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