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Male nurse in glove, mask, goggles, and gown administering vaccine in doctor's office for sitting female patient

CCA Primary Care

Our clinics are welcoming places where CCA health plan members get the comprehensive, specialized care they need to live safely and independently in their homes and communities.

Introducing CCA Primary Care

To meet our members’ needs for integrated medical care, behavioral health, and social services, Commonwealth Care Alliance (CCA) has taken steps to more closely align our health plans with our primary care clinics.

CCA Primary Care (formerly known as Commonwealth Community Care) is a welcoming place where you will receive all the high-quality, personalized care and services you need. As a CCA health plan member, you know firsthand our dedication to your health and well-being. And when you also become a CCA Primary Care patient, all the care and services you receive can be even more closely coordinated.

A specialized kind of primary care

Whether in person or virtually, we provide care that is tailored to the needs of our members, including those who may have disabilities, multiple chronic or age-related conditions, or behavioral health or social support needs. As a CCA Primary Care patient:

Our Clinic Locations

CCA Primary Care has specialized, accessible clinics located in Boston and Springfield.

Instructions for Authorization for Use or Disclosure

Authorization for Use or Disclosure of Health Information

CCA Primary Care is part of the Commonwealth Care Alliance (CCA) network. Other physicians/providers are available in our network.

Become a CCA Primary Care patient

833-574-3036 (TTY 711)
8:30 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday

Not yet a CCA health plan member?

Check out our health plans and consider enrolling. Healthcare providers can also refer a patient to CCA Primary Care.