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Commonwealth Care Alliance (CCA) is partnering with Cognizant to implement our new Massachusetts and Rhode Island claims platform, Facets, effective April 1, 2023. The new claims platform for Massachusetts and Rhode Island includes access to the Availity® Essentials Provider Portal and the EDI Gateway solution. The purpose of this change is to improve service levels and provider experience and to enhance paper and electronic claims submission using a single platform for managing all CCA Massachusetts and Rhode Island product lines.

Please note that processing on our new platform will take effect April 1, 2023, and any claims with dates of service April 1 and forward must be submitted with our new payer ID A2793.

CCA is committed to making this implementation seamless, partnering with Cognizant to provide contact center support and updated provider manuals and policies. As an added benefit, the Availity Essentials Provider Portal offers direct access and electronic data exchange, making it easy for providers to register their practice, view claim status, and validate member eligibility.

Take action: Read the CCA Claims Platform Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for additional information including instructions on how to register with Availity. The FAQ will be posted on the CCA Massachusetts and Rhode Island website under the Provider Updates page at


Availity has processed healthcare transactions for 20 years. The Availity EDI Gateway solution lets providers connect to payers nationwide, connecting over a million providers, health plans, and their technology partners. Availity is committed to working with providers and their vendors to ensure there is no disruption in the transition.

Please note that you will have the ability to select the clearinghouse vendor of your choice.

Availity Essentials Provider PortalAllows direct data entry of claims, eligibility & benefit inquiry, and claim status inquiry transactions.
Availity EDI Gateway SolutionAllows trading partners and vendors to connect via SFTP for 837 claim submission along with submitting real-time eligibility & benefit inquiry (270/271) and claim status inquiry (276/277) transactions.