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CCA is committed to investing in the growth and effectiveness of leaders at every level. Deep and deliberate leadership skills are critical to meeting the needs of our members, supporting the professional development of our people, and creating a sustainable business.

For the past twelve months, the Organizational Development and Learning team zeroed in their efforts on CCA physicians, and on July 21, twelve medical directors celebrated the conclusion of this yearlong investment in developing their leadership skills. It was a true moment of celebration…for participants, for their leaders, and for the facilitation team.

The Leadership Development Program (LDP)

The twelve-month journey started with of a variety of assessments to ground each participant in a clear understanding of their leadership styles and how others viewed them. With that self-awareness, the participants thoughtfully created individual development plans to guide their learning and growth in targeted leadership competency areas. Then, they participated together in the Accountable Leader program, investing over 60 hours in both virtual and live classroom settings. Additionally, they spent countless hours preparing for each session and applying their session learning with their teams.

“As leaders, we all need to understand our role and build skills to drive accountability at a personal and collective level,” said CCA Chief People Officer Alfred Enagbare. “The physician leaders are passionate about becoming highly effective, accountable and effective leaders.”

The Leadership Development Program’s primary goal is to build leadership capability, focused on CCA’s Leadership Competencies. Participants learn in a safe environment and gain a more purposeful leadership mindset, skills, and experience to lead themselves, their teams, and broadly in the organization.

Alfred Enagbare; Dr. Rob MacArthur, Chief Medical Officer; and Dr. Lori Tishler, SVP, Medical Services were the executive sponsors of the inaugural cohort. “Our physician leaders are trained and experienced in whole person care, with expertise in the art and science of medicine,” said Dr. Rob MacArthur of this group of participants. “We’re often challenged to align our teams and resources cross-functionally to serve those with significant needs. CCA’s Leadership Development Program curriculum effectively empowered our physicians to stretch beyond their clinical skills to lead and serve the broader mission of CCA.”

Dr. Biljana Simikic, senior medical director of CCA Primary Care and a participant in the program, said, “This leadership development program has been an incredible opportunity. I’ve gained so much from the best-practice curriculum, discussion, hands-on practice and insights shared among the remarkable group of physician leaders.”

Dr. Lori Tishler said, “The physician leadership program exceeded expectations! It empowered our physicians to think about their role outside of the clinical realm, allowing them to see that the skills they’ve developed—such as leading teams—could be used in alternative settings. The cohort also bonded powerfully, which enables them to work more successfully across areas.”

We look forward to scaling this leadership program and launching additional development programs and courses in the future—and to the benefits that will radiate from those participants to their teams as well.

Congratulations to our graduates!

Eva ChittendenJake KaganBiljana Simikic
Tiffany GrooverVijay KotechaAaron Stupple
Doug HsuFang LiStefan Topolski
Peggy JohnsonWayne SaltsmanDorothea Von Goeler