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Commonwealth Care Alliance (CCA) provides treating practitioners with an opportunity to discuss the outcome of a utilization management request with a CCA physician.

The peer-to-peer request must be made within one (1) business day of the denial notification and before requesting an appeal of the decision. If CCA upholds the denial during the peer-to-peer consultation, the member may appeal the decision or may designate the practitioner to appeal on their behalf.

Practitioners can request a consultation by calling Provider Services at 866-420-9332 or by faxing the completed Peer-to-Peer request form to CCA at 855-341-0720.

Please click the appropriate link below to view the Peer-to-Peer form.  

Massachusetts – Peer-to-Peer form

Rhode Island – Peer-to-Peer form

We look forward to consulting with you on our members’ care.