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Angelmina's story

August 10, 2022
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Angelmina is a community health worker at CCA, working with members in Western Massachusetts. She has spent her career in human services and has a lot of experience working closely with adults over the age of 64. Today, in her role at CCA, she serves members of all ages and backgrounds. She is particularly passionate about forging connections with her members, recognizing that everyone is unique.

“You have to be creative and think outside the box,” she said. “Members are different. They don’t fit in one box. What works for one person might not work for another, so we are always innovating.”

Angelmina’s job is to address the physical and mental health needs of her members. Sometimes, this means taking a less traditional approach. In addition to her formal healthcare responsibilities, she has helped members with important tasks like creating a personal budget. In her role as a community health worker, Angelmina has assisted with many other social support needs. This might mean helping members connect with food and housing resources. She also makes a point to spend time simply listening while her members talk. She knows that in some cases, she might be the first person who has listened to them express a problem.

By seeing a member’s whole situation, and not just their health conditions, Angelmina hopes to improve their wellbeing across the board.

“I think it helps members feel secure knowing there is someone on their side – someone who is advocating for them,” she said.

“Angelmina’s care and dedication to her work should be acknowledged. She checks on me to see how things are going. I really appreciate her encouragement.”

CCA member
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