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Ashley’s story

February 22, 2021
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Female care provider sitting and smiling at kitchen table with middle-aged male member

Ashley is a second-generation CCA employee. She went to school for psychology before taking a position at a local hospital. Although she worked long hours at the hospital, she realized she wanted to do more to help people. Her mom, Annie, suggested that she apply to CCA. Annie was also referred to CCA by an employee and has worked here for five years as a telephonic community health worker. Ashley joked that she didn’t want to work at the same place as her mom, but she applied to CCA anyway because Annie thought she would be a good asset to the team. Ashley is now a community health worker and has been with CCA for almost three years.

Ashley usually sees two to three members a day. She goes to members’ homes and helps them with housing, food stamps, and any other important needs. She helps to establish care plans and puts services into place. Ashley also advocates on their behalf when necessary. 

“As a care partner, I advocate for my members. I love being their point of contact and the person that they can call on. A lot of people don’t have that level of support, and so it’s important to gain their trust in order to enter their space.”

“Our mission sets us apart”

One of the things Ashley likes most about working for CCA is that it is committed to its mission of providing the highest-quality, individualized care to people who really need it. “Every organization claims to have a mission, but CCA actually goes above and beyond in fulfilling that mission,” Ashley says. “We do our due diligence to make sure that we’re fulfilling the member’s needs and that they know we care about their health and well-being.”

She also appreciates the friendliness and support she gets from her coworkers. When she first started, she was surprised at how welcoming people throughout the company were. “Normally you don’t get that when you step into a new working environment,” she says. “Everybody wants you to do well in your role and they’re always willing to help you.”

Supporting members’ growth and independence

Ashley especially likes watching her members grow. “Helping my members achieve their goals is very rewarding,” she says. “Before, I used to call transportation for one of my members, but now he’s able to call on his own because we walked through the steps together and he feels more comfortable with the process.”

Ashley also helps her members overcome their fears. For example, one of her members struggled with going to the grocery store alone. Ashley would meet her there and help her pick up the foods necessary for proper nutrition. One time, the member wanted two cans of whipped cream. Ashley asked her if she really needed them or if she just wanted them. Initially the member was upset, but later she thanked Ashley for helping her realize she could make better food choices and save money as well.

“That’s one of the ways I feel like I help my members,” Ashley says. “I like to switch it up and still be productive and make sure that they are getting the best possible care.”

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