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Check your health!  Important health screenings you should know about

May 23, 2022
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Preventive screenings can help you check for signs of illness, even before you start to feel sick. It is much easier to prevent or treat a problem when it’s found early. 

Below is a list of common screenings—but this is not a complete list! Talk to your provider to learn more about the tests that make sense for YOU.  

All the tests below are free to CCA members and do not require prior authorization. 

TestWhoFrequency Description
Colorectal Cancer Everyone  
ages 50-75 
Every 1-10 years depending on the test  There are many test options. Talk to your provider about which one is best for you 
Blood pressure Everyone  
21 or older   
Yearly  An office or in-home blood pressure reading. A healthy blood pressure is less than 140/90 
Breast Cancer Women     
ages 50-70 
Every 2 years X-ray of the breast to find changes related to breast cancer  
Cervical cancer Women  
ages 30-65 
Every 5 years A cervical swab for HPV, the leading cause of cervical cancer  
Osteoporosis Women   
65 or older  
At age 65 and 
as directed 
An x-ray bone density test to find weakening of the bone that can lead to fractures   
Hemoglobin A1c People with diabetes At least yearly A blood test that measures blood sugar. A healthy level is typically 9% or less 
Diabetes eye exam  People with diabetes Every year OR      
every 2 years if normal results  
A retinal eye exam that finds changes in blood vessels that can lead to blindness   
Kidney function People with diabetes YearlyA urine test to find changes that can lead to kidney disease  
Cognition screening  Everyone  
65 or older 
Yearly  A test that evaluates memory and can find early signs of dementia 
Fall RiskEveryone
65 or older
YearlyA test that can help identify problems with balance or walking 

You may need to have these tests done more often than described above based on your health history.   

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