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Civic Health Month: How voting impacts your health

August 18, 2022
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For the second year in a row, this August, Commonwealth Care Alliance (CCA) is participating in Civic Health Month. We are partnering with Vot-ER to highlight the connections between voting and health. Vot-ER works to connect voter registration to healthcare. The organization is founded on the belief that empowered voices and full participation in the democratic process create positive health outcomes. We are grateful for their partnership.

You may not think about voting having an impact on your health, but it’s as important as regular physical check-ups. Our health can depend on things like where we live, if we have enough to eat, and whether we feel safe and respected in our community. Government officials like mayors, city councilors, and senators influence the quality and availability of homes, schools, and jobs. By voting, we can choose who is making these important decisions about where we live, learn, and work.

On August 30 and 31, we will host two voter registration drives for members at CCA Primary Care locations in Boston and Springfield. You do not have to be a CCA Primary Care patient to register to vote. All CCA members are welcome to attend.

Voting is important, and it is especially important for you, CCA members, to vote. As unique individuals with your own healthcare needs, you can make your voice heard by voting. That is why we want to make sure you are prepared for every election. 

Follow these steps to be ready for the next election in your state!

  1. Register to vote or check your voter status to prepare for the next election.  
  2. Once registered, vote in national, state, AND local elections. Voting in local and state elections gives us a voice at home. Voting in national elections shapes our nation. Both are important. Remember to pay attention to key deadlines, such as when you need to register to be able to vote in the primary and general election. You only need to register to vote once (unless you move).
  3. If going to a polling site is difficult for you, learn about accommodations. Contact Member Services to find out if CCA can help you get to the polls. You can even apply to vote by mail.

Voting is our opportunity to have a voice in government. We can directly impact our community by voting for people that represent our priorities. When we all vote, we can make better health outcomes and access an option for everyone. 

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