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Community health resources: A guide for our California members

January 2, 2024
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As we get older, it’s normal to require more help and support. At CCA Health California, we want to help our members age well and stay independent. The good news is no matter where you live, there are agencies and non-profit organizations dedicated to helping older adults in the community.

Each state has an agency dedicated to providing seniors with the support they need to live independently and thrive as they age. These agencies offer services that help seniors stay connected and live their best lives. Services include in-home support, nutrition assistance, adult day centers, legal advice, adult protective services, transportation, housing, and more.

Other programs offer financial assistance to low-income households to help with utility bills. For those caring for a loved one, there are special programs to support caregivers.

Food insecurity is a common concern among seniors. By working with community agencies, you can ensure your loved one’s nutritional needs are met.

In addition, a variety of in-home services are available to help seniors remain happy and independent. Services include home health visits, 24-hour crisis lines, and even companion programs.

We’ve put together this guide for our members in California so you can have easy access to the services that will help you stay well and independent.

Community Resources in California

The California Department of Aging manages programs and services to support older adults, adults with disabilities, family caregivers, and residents of long-term care facilities. Services include nutrition and home-delivered meals, caregiver resources, legal services, transportation, Medicare counseling, and more. Services are provided locally by the Area Agencies on Aging (AAA) and other contracted community agencies.

You can call 800-510-2020 or contact your county’s local area agency directly to learn about services and programs available in your area:

You can also locate your local agency and the services it offers on this website.

Food and Nutrition Assistance

The California Department of Aging and its local Area Agencies on Aging coordinate a congregate meal program in group settings as well as a home-delivered meals program. Call 800-510-2020 or locate your local agency on this website.

Here are a few organizations:

In-Home Support Services

For California residents aged 60 and over, a variety of services are available through the California Department of Aging and its local Area Agencies on Aging to support individuals living in their homes. Services include caregiver assistance, adult day care, transportation, legal assistance, in-home support services, and more. Call 800-510-2020 or locate your local agency on this website.

The California Friendship Line is a 24-hour resource for crisis intervention and a “warm line” for emotional support, medication reminders, and well-being checks. It can be accessed by calling 888-670-1360 or going to this website.

24-Hour Emergency & Advice Line for Older & Dependent Adults: Call 844-868-0938 or 650-573-3900 (from outside CA). You can also visit their website here.

Help with Utility Bills

The California Department of Community Services and Development offers a Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) and a Low-Income Household Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP). Contact the call center toll-free at 866-675-6623 (TDD: 916-263-1402).


Disaster Relief and Recovery Assistance

Caregiver Support: Childcare and Elder Care

Help is available for caregivers, including respite care, temporary assistance, and training. Learn more here.

Elder Abuse Reporting

To report abuse, call 833-401-0832. When prompted, enter your 5-digit ZIP code to be connected to the Adult Protective Services in your county, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.


Legal services are available to assist older adults and adults with disabilities with a variety of legal problems concerning housing, consumer fraud, elder abuse, Social Security, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Medicare, Medi-Cal, age discrimination, pensions, nursing homes, protective services, conservatorships, and other matters. Call 866-44-CA-LAW (866-442-2529) or visit the California Bar Foundation’s website.

Senior Centers

The Saratoga Area Senior Coordinating Council offers activities for seniors along with resources that can help them continue to live well in their community. Resources include a senior center with a full calendar of social activities, an adult day program, and its RYDE senior transportation program for adults aged 65 and older.

Mental Health and Substance Abuse

Volunteer Opportunities

There are numerous volunteer programs for seniors in California for those who want to remain active and support their community.

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