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Meet Shannon, a CCA care partner

November 28, 2022
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CCA care partner Shannon is a nurse who has worked with people of all ages throughout her career. A lifelong Michigander, she loves helping CCA members in her own backyard and traveling to different communities in her home state.

After spending years working as an administrator in a pediatric office, Shannon was inspired to go to nursing school. She surprised herself by taking a job in a hospital rather than returning to the familiar pace and rhythm of pediatrics. While she always thought she would go back to an office setting eventually, she found she loved the challenge, fast pace, and variety of the work.

At CCA, she is still in a dynamic environment. But now, she gets to form closer relationships with the members she helps, rather than parting ways once her patients are discharged. Shannon loves this aspect of her job. She has more time with members, which she spends getting to know them and their unique situations.

“I really like talking to our members and learning their stories.  I’ve learned a lot about the struggles they face,” she said. “My favorite part about the job is being able to advocate for them and help them.”

Shannon joined CCA in the middle of the pandemic. Despite working remotely, she has made amazing connections with her coworkers and learns a lot from them. To de-stress, she loves baking, golfing, and spending time with her family.

Shannon also forges in-person connections by doing home visits with members. In addition to developing trusting relationships, it is important to identify any risks that could be present in the home environment so Shannon can help fix them. One common issue that Shannon has helped with is assisting people with properly storing and taking medication. She can also help eliminate safety concerns like clutter and other fall hazards.

Shannon’s home visits allow her to become familiar with the supports each member has access to. If caregivers and other friends and loved ones are present, she can provide guidance to them on what the member needs.

As her career at CCA progresses, Shannon looks forward to working with new team members. She is skilled at identifying creative solutions to solve problems and will always make herself available to CCA members who need her.

“There’s so much opportunity to provide education and resources. As time goes on, it’s super rewarding to see how things improve for our members,” she said.

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