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Peggy’s story

May 8, 2019
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Headshot of CCA Nurse Peggy

Peggy is a licensed practical nurse (LPN) and now doula. Peggy’s role at CCA has been providing in-home nursing support to CCA members with complex physical and mental health conditions. When a new doula program was launched at CCA in August 2018, Peggy jumped at the opportunity to add this role to her workload. She was selected from more than a dozen applicants because of her exemplary work and passion for caring for people affected by obstacles of poverty, chronic illness, and other health disparities.  

Supporting members with compassionate care throughout their maternity cycle

Peggy enthusiastically attended training sessions and meetings, frequently expressing how excited she was to provide pregnant CCA members with education and support throughout the maternity cycle. As a doula, Peggy offers CCA members sustained, helpful support from pregnancy to labor and through one year postpartum.

One CCA member, carrying her third child, called Peggy in a panic with complaints of significant swelling and feeling unwell. She didn’t want to call her doctor out of fear that her baby, who wasn’t due for months, might have an early delivery. Peggy went to the member’s home immediately to assess her blood pressure and edema. She called the member’s doctor to provide information and arrange a visit.

Peggy’s quick and caring response calmed the member and helped her obtain the needed clinical advice to take care of herself and her unborn baby. Peggy continued to visit and follow up with the member after the visit. She helped her obtain a special maternity support band to relieve pain and obtain housekeeping services to help her stay off her feet.

“I feel blessed by the opportunity I have been given by CCA to be involved in a very personal and emotional time in a woman’s life. To have these women express gratitude to me for being a part of their birth experience is humbling. I feel, I want to thank them. It is so rewarding to see a comfort technique I suggested helped with their discomfort.”

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