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After having grown rapidly in the past six years, CCA is expanding its primary care practices to better serve its more than 42,000 members.

CCA Primary Care, formerly known as Commonwealth Community Care, offers a primary care provider option to the 15% of CCA members who don’t have one, and provides more services to patients with complex needs. “This is for people who have fallen through the cracks,” said CCA President and CEO Chris Palmieri. “These are consumers that have an hour’s worth of health care issues. These are folks who have medical, behavioral, physical needs that require that level of attention. That’s what these practices focus on.”

As part of the expansion, CCA Primary Care will renovate two of its locations to provide broader and more comprehensive care. The locations will also feature patient engagement centers, which will offer programs that address concerns important to CCA members, such as food and housing security, wellness education, same-day access to behavioral health and medical appointments, as well as opportunities to connect with other members of the community. Additionally, CCA Primary Care will focus on expanding telehealth services, which grew from almost 0 to nearly 50% of visits during the pandemic.

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