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Morgan Buchko, Vice President of Market Partnership Strategy & Performance for CCA Health Michigan, appeared on Live in the D to discuss the importance of eating well for aging adults and helpful tips to achieve a balanced diet.

“It is critical for older adults to be making healthy choices when it comes to nutrition,” Buchko said. “A healthy diet can help avoid or manage chronic illnesses, maintain bone density, avoid vitamin deficiencies, and more. These health benefits can keep older adults in their homes and enjoying the activities they love for longer,” Buchko said.

Nutrient-rich food choices include lean proteins like beans, non-starchy grains like brown rice, and fruits and vegetables. These foods are not only healthy, but usually inexpensive, Buchko pointed out.

Buchko also discussed the importance of collaboration in healthcare and CCA Health Michigan’s partnerships with local non-profits: Gleaners Community Food Bank and the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan.

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