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CCA Massachusetts General Manager Mark Waggoner discussed the growth of CCA over the past 20 years, and its offerings today, in an interview with the Boston Business Journal. Waggoner discussed the pioneering CCA uncommon care® model and how it prioritizes addressing the social factors that impact the wellbeing of CCA members. It can be difficult for members to prioritize their healthcare if their other basic needs are not met first, he said.

“We’re hyper-focused on what many of us take for granted every day, that is making sure that folks have healthy food in their refrigerator,” Waggoner said. “Housing instability is another very big issue. We are often working with individuals to make sure their housing is secure.”

Waggoner also discussed the community supports that CCA has established to help individuals with substance use disorders, including the first-of-its kind temporary housing community on the former campus of Shattuck hospital.

Finally, he discussed the organization’s goal of reaching every eligible person in the Commonwealth. “Growth for us is all about bringing our mission into all the local communities to serve folks who have tremendous needs,” he said.

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