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CCA President and CEO Chris Palmieri discussed CCA’s expansion into Rhode Island and its COVID-19 response in Massachusetts

CCA President and CEO Chris Palmieri joined Bill Bartholomew of “The Bartholomew Podcast” to discuss CCA’s plans to expand into Rhode Island, as well as CCA’s response during the COVID-19 pandemic. Chris discussed how CCA has been working with provider communities in Rhode Island to build a presence in that state. 

In Massachusetts, CCA worked with the Commonwealth’s COVID Command Center to oversee Isolation and Recovery Sites for marginally housed or homeless individuals who tested positive for COVID. “Our objective here is to put humans first,” Chris says. “We were very focused on our populations because they were so vulnerable to this, and we wanted to make sure that folks had great access to healthcare, that they were going to be able to rely on services that they needed when they needed them, and we wanted to make sure that folks who were getting day-to-day things that were making them sustainable in the community were not going to have a disruption.”

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