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Aida’s story

May 17, 2019
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CCA member AIDA in her living room with a bird perched on her hand

Aida is 66 and from the Dominican Republic. She moved to the United States in 1987 to make a better life for herself and her family. She worked hard but also faced difficulties over the years. Stress took a toll on her health. In 2002, she was diagnosed with diabetes, and a few years later, she had a bad fall that injured her back. She also has arthritis. She describes her health at the time as simply, “not good at all.”

Making the switch

By 2015, Aida didn’t feel well most of the time and she had a hard time keeping track of her medications. She struggled with leaving her house to go to the pharmacy or medical appointments. She likes being at home with her pets and family, who give her a lot of support. She has a sister, daughter, and granddaughter who live in her same building.  

SCO Member Aida with her Care PartnerAida first learned about CCA four years ago, when her husband got something in the mail. She called right away and signed up for the CCA One Care plan. When she turned 65, she made the switch to CCA Senior Care Options. She talks about how thankful she is to find out about the program when she did. MassHealth alone wasn’t covering everything she needed.

“It seems like people really care.”

Happy at home

When Aida joined CCA, she also switched her doctor to one at CCA Primary Care. “A regular doctor wouldn’t do what CCA providers do,” describes Aida. She tells a story of how her doctor did everything to figure out what was causing her pain after she fell. A first X-ray didn’t show anything wrong. The doctor didn’t give up. He did an MRI that also didn’t show anything. Finally, a second MRI showed a small hidden fracture.

Aida gets care in the place she feels most comfortable, her home. Her nurse from CCA Primary Care visits her every Wednesday. Her medications are mailed to her monthly, and her CCA Primary Care nurse fills her med box for her. She also has monthly visits from her nurse practitioner and behavioral health specialist. Together, Aida and her CCA care team were able to get her diabetes under control and address her other chronic medical issues. Not only do they help control her medications, but they always check her cholesterol and high blood pressure for her. She started eating better too. 

“I have better care, so I feel better.”

Finding her energy

At home, Aida can focus on her three birds that keep her busy (and entertained). Even if she’s feeling drained, she says she always finds the energy to take care of them. Her family, birds, and religion are what keep her going. Some days are still tough. Religion helps her cope. “It’s not easy. You never overcome the pain. But I have a lot of faith.”

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