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Tyiesha’s story

April 23, 2024
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CCA Tyiesha and her CCA doula Ruth posing for a photo in a living room

When Tyiesha welcomed her healthy baby boy into the world, it was a late summer day. Her labor was long and concluded with an unplanned C-section. That day, and throughout the months leading up to it, she had the constant support of her CCA doula, Ruth.

Tyiesha’s pregnancy was full of joy and anticipation, with many highlights. At her baby shower, several members of her family and her husband’s family met for the first time. She was pregnant at the same time as a family member, and she enjoyed comparing notes when they spoke on the phone.

At the same time, Tyiesha’s pregnancy was high-risk. For this reason, she had to follow certain guidelines to stay healthy. As a first-time mom, she had many questions about what to expect as her pregnancy progressed.

“Having a doula was very helpful. Every question I had to ask Ruth, she was there to help,” Tyiesha said. Outside of their scheduled visits, Tyiesha said Ruth was always quick to get back to her.

As a CCA member, Tyiesha enrolled in the CCA Doula Program. Ruth, a CCA Community Health Services Manager, is a doula. She’s trained to provide specialized support to those who are pregnant or recently gave birth. She started working with Tyiesha around the fourth month of her pregnancy.

They sat down for an interview in Tyiesha’s home a week before she was scheduled to be induced.  Tyiesha sat on a medicine ball, practicing the exercises that Ruth taught her. During their prenatal visits, they discussed these exercises to help Tyiesha get ready for labor and delivery.

They also developed a birth plan that outlined Tyiesha’s wishes.

“We created a plan in her voice – it’s what she wants throughout the pregnancy and going into the hospital,” Ruth said.

Tyiesha and her baby at the hospital right after giving birth

Ruth also explained the many unexpected things that can happen during childbirth. They discussed the terms Tyiesha should know and her preferences if a backup plan was necessary. With her delivery date approaching, Tyiesha said she felt more confident and prepared because of Ruth’s help.

She was also excited to continue working with Ruth through the first year of the baby’s life. Postpartum, they expect to focus on ways to feed the baby and making sure Tyiesha gets enough rest. Ruth will also be available to help answer any questions that come up.

While working together, Ruth and Tyiesha developed a strong bond. When Tyiesha was in the hospital waiting to deliver, Ruth was there to provide as much support as she could. For Tyiesha, it has been valuable to turn to someone she can trust for guidance.

“Ruth is a like a sister or aunt – someone I can talk to and feel really comfortable around,” Tyiesha said.

CCA offers doula services to members during pregnancy, labor, birth, and after childbirth. CCA doulas are trained to provide the physical and emotional support you need. They can also provide helpful information so you can make informed choices about birth and your baby’s care. To learn more about our doula program, talk to your care partner or call Member Services.

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