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Theresa's story

April 16, 2024
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Three older adults sitting around a table at a nursing home socializing and drinking coffee.

Theresa loves giving back to her community. As a retiree, she spends 5 days a week volunteering for a local nursing home. While there, she helps the recreational team plan fun activities for residents. She also loves to knit and crochet gifts for her nursing home coworkers and residents.

When Theresa became a member of CCA Health Michigan Inc., she had one goal in mind: she wanted to stay healthy so she could keep volunteering. That’s when she met Raluca, her CCA Health Michigan Nurse and Care Partner. “Theresa values her independence because she’s found purpose in helping others,” Raluca says. “She doesn’t live for herself, but rather for giving back.”

As a former nurse, Theresa understands the needs of her nursing home residents. “I know that hospital patients can feel lonely when family members aren’t able to visit them,” she said. “Nursing home residents are no different. I often sit and talk with them to cheer them up. I know it’s making a difference.”  

To help Theresa stay healthy and independent, Raluca helped her create a personalized care plan. During their first meeting, Theresa said that she wanted to improve her fitness level. Since her volunteer work kept her on her feet for hours, she sometimes felt tired at the end of her shifts. She also wanted to find a way to save money so she could buy more yarn and make more gifts for her nursing home family.

“When Theresa and I meet to discuss her health needs, all she wants to know is how she can keep volunteering,” Raluca says. “Helping retirees stay active and engaged is critical for their long-term physical and mental health. By volunteering, Theresa is helping her community but she’s also helping herself.”

When developing a care plan, Raluca first helped Theresa better understand her health plan benefits. As a CCA Medicare Maximum (HMO D-SNP) member, Theresa gets help with more than just medical services. With her benefits, she can also access social supports that help keep her healthy and independent in her own home.

“If it wasn’t for CCA Health Michigan’s different programs, I don’t know how I’d get groceries. I get a bus pass from my volunteer work, but CCA Health Michigan helps me get all the other things I need,” she said.

After helping to develop Theresa’s care plan, Raluca has met with her on a regular basis to help her stay on track. This includes helping Theresa to schedule appointments with her primary care physician and specialists.

Today, Theresa continues to volunteer and keeps Raluca up to date on her efforts. “We meet all the time so I can check in on her progress and she’s always excited to share what she’s been up to,” Raluca says.

“As her nurse my goal is to keep her healthy, happy, and thriving. I love that CCA Health Michigan can play a small part in helping Theresa do what she loves: help others.”

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