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CCA Nurses Honored by Their Peers

May 6, 2022
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CCA recognizes our nurses, who go consistently above and beyond for our members. Every year brings new stories of our phenomenal nursing team giving it all to help the people who need them the most, and we are grateful for their hard work and compassion. Below is a sampling of CCA nurses nominated by their peers for special recognition, along with snippets about them from their colleagues.

Celebrating our nurses

Christina Bailey

CCA Primary Care Registered Nurse

“Christina Bailey is a stellar community-based RN at CCA Primary Care. She caters to our most vulnerable population by providing them access to primary care in their homes. Christina has a loving and calming presence that allows our patients to feel safe and secure in her care.”

Nicole Carville-Autry

CCA Primary Care Nurse Practitioner/Physician Assistant

“Nicole provides such excellent care. Now that she is working with me, it has been quite some time since I have been in the hospital.” (provided by a CCA member)

Kate Chambers

Integrated Care Management Program Plus Mobile Advanced Practice Clinician

“Kate is very caring and gentle with members. She has gone the extra mile to make sure that a particular person has durable medical equipment, going above and beyond to get the patient interim supply while procurement was in process. She always ensures her patients get the care they need.”

Franny Doran

Community Registered Nurse

“Franny Doran lights up our day with her wonderful personality during our morning huddles. She follows up with members and effectively delivers feedback. She is always very energetic and shares encouraging words when participating in team building activities.”

Jeannine Huey

Care Partner

“Jeannine personifies CCA core values day in and day out. She treats her members as her family and advocates to ensure they get services in a timely fashion. I am grateful to have her on our team.”

Alice Karanu

Clinical Nurse Practitioner (Psychiatric)

“Alice goes above and beyond in supporting CCA members while making every effort to maintain a supportive working environment. She is a strong mentor and support to her fellow behavioral health nurses and maintains a supportive environment in which the members’ needs are always a priority.”

Nicole L’Heureux

Manager, ACO Clinical

“Nicole thinks creatively to determine the best possible way to collaborate for the good of our members. She is always willing to step in and learn and grow as a manager. She works with her interdisciplinary team to ensure members have their medical, behavioral health, and social determinants of health needs met.”

Jessica Menard

Manager, Advanced Practice Clinician

“Jessica’s friendly and collaborative communication style sets her apart. She exudes approachability and intellectual curiosity. It is clear she is on a quest for excellence, and this undoubtedly holds true in her interactions with patients as well.”

Bridget Njuguna

Care Partner

“Bridget relates to members on an individual level. She also provides support to new care partners on the team and provides guidance when needed, never hesitating to collaborate with a new colleague during their onboarding.”

Stephanie O’Dell

Care Partner

“Stephanie is a very dedicated nurse who is consistently willing to help. She has a lot of members with complex needs, and she always manages to work closely with them and their care team to make sure they are getting the help they need.”

Mary Onwuama

Community Registered Nurse

“Mary is one of the most knowledgeable and hardest working nurses I’ve ever met. She will immerse herself into complex and chaotic situations because she cares about the well-being of CCA members and values doing a thorough job. On top of that, Mary has a great sense of humor and perspective.”

Agnes Opara

Manager, Clinical Care Partnership

“Agnes demonstrates excellent managerial and organizational skills, clinical expertise, team building, collaboration, and communication. She is a supportive and nonjudgmental leader, encouraging team members to share their feelings, bright spots, and challenges.”

Stephanie Peluso

Community Registered Nurse

“Stephanie always gives 100-plus percent to her members, her team, and CCA. If a colleague asks something of her – even if it is outside of her typical job duties – she is there to provide support. While she does not do this for recognition, I feel it is time to recognize her.”

Kerrilyn Pessin

CCA Primary Care Nurse Practitioner/Physician Assistant

“Kerrilyn is a strong advocate for our members and always puts their needs first. She is willing to collaborate, solve problems, and make things happen. She consistently provides high quality, compassionate, evidenced-based care to her patients. She is also a great team member.”

Elna Raymond

Care Partner

“Elna is a very hard worker and really goes above and beyond for CCA members. She is a great support and go-to person on the team for advice and guidance. Elna knows how to prioritize what is important and is a great team player – a true asset to our team.”

Emily Santiago

Integrated Care Management Program Plus Licensed Practical Nurse

“Emily has had a tremendous impact on patient care. Her experience, empathy, and clinical skills have enabled her to establish excellent relationships with members. She follows up as frequently as needed to ensure they get what they need, often exceeding what is strictly required.”

Kristin ten Bensel

Integrated Care Management Program Plus Mobile Registered Nurse

“Kristin provides clinical and emotional support to CCA patients with complex needs, coordinating care with inpatient and outpatient providers. She mentors new staff and has provided outstanding, exceptional clinical coverage.”

Nicola Tesorero

CCA Primary Care Nurse Practitioner/Physician Assistant

“Nicola’s dedication to CCA Primary Care is evident every day. She advocates for her patients and identifies services beyond nursing that would benefit them. Every patient Nicola and I share has commented on how much they like and trust her.”

Lorie Trainor

Manager, ACO Clinical

“Lorie is an exceptional manager. She always goes a step above to be a caring and compassionate leader and leads with an empathetic and solution-focused strategy.”

Hannah Yifru

Integrated Care Management Program Plus Licensed Practical Nurse

“Hannah provides excellent care to our patients, building relationships and ensuring their needs are met. She has used her clinical and organizational skills to develop processes that support patients and other providers, making it easier for members to get the support and supplies they need.”

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