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Kolby's story

October 11, 2023
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Kolby is a CCA Community Health Worker for our members in Michigan

Kolby came to CCA to look at members’ needs up close. She uses her problem-solving skills to help them with social factors that impact their health.

She joined as an intern when CCA was still new to Michigan. She decided to join CCA full-time because of the close-knit team. Community Health Workers are CCA team members focused on social and environmental factors that can affect someone’s wellness.

For example, if an individual does not have access to stable food or housing, it can be difficult to address their health concerns. Community Health Workers help members meet their basic needs, with food and housing, so they can focus on improving their overall well-being.

“I’m very excited to give the role everything I can,” Kolby said.

The CCA clinical team meets often and knows each other well. They work every day to provide high quality care to members, Kolby said. They are also able to support one another, and Kolby feels she is learning from her peers.

Kolby has held medical internships in the past. As she has narrowed the focus of her career path, it is most important to her to be in the community.

“I live around the communities we serve, which makes it impactful for me to be able to help out locally,” she said.

Along the way, Kolby has helped put systems in place to log members’ needs and follow through with assistance. She loves engaging with members face-to-face and learning about their circumstances. She is also dedicated to documenting her findings. This way, CCA care teams have a solid record to rely on when they see the member next.

Outside of work, Kolby enjoys spending time with her family and friends, who are mostly local to Michigan. She is also excited to pursue her master’s degree in the coming years.

In addition to her passion for care delivery and healthcare administration, Kolby is avid about her fitness. She practices yoga and Pilates as forms of self-care. She also volunteers with Forgotten Harvest, a non-profit food rescue organization that collects and distributes food that would otherwise go to waste.

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