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Cynthia’s story

January 4, 2022
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CCA member Cynthia in her home showing her diamond art

When CCA member Cynthia is creating diamond art, she’s able to forget about her health issues. Just like painting by numbers, diamond art uses sparkling beads to create shiny and colorful pictures. It’s a hobby that Cynthia enjoys because she can use her hands while sitting down.

Cynthia has COPD and asthma. She admits that the illness brings challenges every day. Just getting around her house is often difficult. While Cynthia has her share of bad days, becoming a CCA member brought some positive changes to her life.

“I appreciate everything the CCA team does for me,” Cynthia says. She describes her care partner, Christine, as “very helpful.”

Learning to better manage her own care

Cynthia participates in the CCA Complex Care Self-Management program, which she says has helped her to take better control of her COPD. She used to panic when she struggled with her breathing. Now, she says, “I don’t panic as much because of everything they taught me.”

Over the years, Cynthia has been hospitalized often for COPD. In the past, she would just be sent home with no follow-up course of action. With CCA and the Complex Care Self-Management program, follow-up care is standard practice. Now when Cynthia leaves the hospital, nurses come to her home to check on her. They explain the steps she should take to manage her condition.

For instance, she learned how to use a walker with wheels to sit down and breathe slowly when she struggles with her COPD. As Cynthia puts it, “CCA’s team taught me how to breathe. They never taught me that in the hospital.”

CCA member Cynthia sitting in her living room with two members of the CCA Care team standing behind her.

Spreading the word about CCA

Cynthia learned about CCA’s uncommon care® approach in an uncommon way: from another health plan. Three years ago, she called a local health plan to inquire about enrolling. When the person on the phone learned Cynthia’s age and health condition, they suggested she sign up with CCA instead. Cynthia took the advice and hasn’t regretted it. In fact, she wants other people to experience the kind of care and attention that she has received.

“I tell everybody I know to go to CCA,” she says. They do so much for people. No matter what you need help with, CCA is there.”

Take Charge of Your Health

CCA’s Complex Care Self-Management program is for members with COPD, diabetes, or heart failure. When you join, we help you better manage your condition and stay healthy and out of the hospital.

To learn more, call Member Services:

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