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Gina's Story

March 7, 2022
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What does it take to serve CCA members well?

According to Gina, a CCA Primary Care triage nurse, “building a trusting relationship and following through on the member’s needs.”

Before joining CCA Primary Care, Gina served as a care partner. In both roles, she has helped members manage their medical needs.

“I would check in on members to see how they’re doing,” says Gina. “Are they feeling well and moving around? Are they taking their medications? Are they seeing their doctor regularly?”

Gina also identified members’ challenges and developed personalized care plans around those barriers. She is always happy to see a patient making progress. “Achieving goals that we’ve set together gives me a lot of satisfaction,” says Gina.

As a CCA Primary Care triage nurse, Gina now works with patients of CCA Primary Care clinics. She uses her clinical nursing knowledge and case management expertise daily.

Because of her dedication and compassion, Gina is earning praise.

“Gina is an asset to Commonwealth Care Alliance. She truly listens and follows through on any issues that may arise. She always returns my calls and is very patient.”

CCA member

Gina acknowledges nurses don’t always immediately know when they’ve made a difference. “When you think you’re doing a good job,” she says, “it’s always nice to hear that from the people you’re helping.”

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