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Judy's story

June 4, 2021
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SCO member Judy outside

CCA Senior Care Options member Judy has been with CCA since 2017. She first learned about CCA when she was about to turn 65 and received information from all the major health plans in her area.

“I liked what CCA had to offer. With the other plans, I knew I would get lost in the shuffle. I knew I wouldn’t get that same level of treatment and support.”

Judy has several health conditions, including diabetes and spinal stenosis. She gets lots of different services, like physical therapy and occupational therapy. Since joining CCA, she has requested a lot of medical equipment to help her with her daily needs. “It has eased a lot of stress so now I’m not worried about how I am going to do certain things on a daily basis.”

Judy was assigned a care partner, Kristin, who she can go to for any problems. If Judy needs to reach out to other people at CCA for special support, Kristin will reach out for her. “I’m in the middle of a block, and she covers all my corners,” she says. “Kristin helps me get the help I need, when I need it.”

Although she sometimes struggles with pain, Judy keeps a positive outlook and advises others to do the same.

“My best advice to people is to keep moving forward and live your life. Don’t let your situation stop you from doing what you want to do.”

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