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Kevin’s story

September 8, 2021
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CCA One Care member Kevin has been with CCA since 2014. He was born with lymphedema, which is swelling in the arms or legs. He didn’t know about his condition until he was in his late teens when he played football. “My doctors had no idea. I had swelling in my left foot, and they told me I may have sprained my left ankle.” 

Kevin’s condition makes it hard for him to do everyday tasks like walking, getting dressed, or going grocery shopping. He had trouble sitting or standing for long periods of time. He experienced depression that left him with little motivation. 

When he first joined CCA, Kevin’s goal was to walk without pain. He had been getting cortisone shots in his knees regularly to relieve the pain. With help from his CCA care team, Kevin began physical therapy and started cross-training three times a week. Kevin can now walk up the stairs as part of his warm-up—something he had trouble doing before.

“To go from needing cortisone shots to doing cross-training three times a week has been life-changing. I never thought I’d be able to go up six flights of stairs once, let alone twice, and still commit to another workout.”

Kevin says his CCA care partners have “gone above and beyond” for him over the years. One care team member, Viola, advocated for him when he had a bad case of cellulitis and the hospital tried to send him home early. “She said, ‘I told the doctor you were not leaving.’”

“Since joining CCA, I have mobility, better health, and clarity.”

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