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Lyne’s story

February 1, 2021
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Lyne, a CCA member, sitting on her porch

For CCA One Care member Lyne, feeling healthy is about having people in her life who support her. As a single mother, she has relied for years on her circle of support to help her find housing, care for her son, and stay healthy and safe.

 Last winter, Lyne’s support system helped her again. It led her to CCA.

“I used to have to choose between putting gas in my car so I could get my prescriptions and go to the doctor or putting milk in the fridge. As a person who struggles with mental health, that was scary.”

 A referral from a friend

“It was my good friend who told me about CCA,” she says. “She was a CCA member and she had done a lot of research before joining.”

Before joining CCA, Lyne had  a few tough years of trying to keep up with healthcare costs and related anxiety and depression. She has arthritis in her spine and a thyroid condition that also affects her mental health. “I was at a point where I was on 27 medications. I would have to choose what I really needed for myself, or for my son. It was awful.”

Adding CCA to the support circle 

When Lyne became a member, CCA helped her get the medications that she needed and couldn’t afford. She also likes having someone at CCA who she can call for help anytime. Her CCA care partner is always available to answer her questions and help her find resources and has become a critical part of Lyne’s support circle.

“I’m more relaxed now because I know it’s covered. Before, I was putting my health on the back burner. Now, I have the medication and care I need to be me. I can focus better. I can breathe again.”

A few months after joining CCA, Lyne became ill and could not get her doctors on the phone. Lyne called her CCA nurse, who visited her over the weekend and got her the prescriptions she needed right away. Later, when Lyne’s car broke down and she couldn’t get to her doctor’s office, CCA helped her get transportation.

Reduced anxiety and increased energy 

The support Lyne receives from CCA has reduced her feelings of anxiety, and she is turning her energy to supporting her friends and family—by telling them about CCA. “I can’t say enough good things about CCA,” she says. “I am telling everyone. I’m trying to get my mom and my dad to join too. My sister. Even my ex-boyfriend finally signed on.” 

In addition to helping her friends and family, Lyne wants to focus on quitting smoking and finding more ways to keep improving her health and well-being. To stay physically and mentally healthy, she exercises, eats well, and goes to therapy regularly. Lyne says it is important for her to keep her mind and body aligned.

“I don’t fool around with my health,” Lyne says. “After what I’ve been through, it’s important to follow up and go to therapy. And I go faithfully every two weeks.”

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