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Mrs. Janice's Story

June 15, 2022
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Since becoming a CCA member, Mrs. Janice’s life has turned around dramatically—thanks to her “girls.” That’s what she affectionately calls her CCA care team: Stephanie, Maria, Nicole, and Kristen. “Every week, I see one of their beautiful faces,” says Mrs. Janice.

Mrs. Janice has depression, anxiety, and other health concerns. After a divorce, financial setbacks compounded her health issues. She struggled to get by with no electricity and no heat. “I was living off of take-out food,” says Mrs. Janice.

Two years ago, at a low point in Mrs. Janice’s life, CCA came to the rescue. “That’s when I met my girls,” she says. “They got my electricity back on, got food in my fridge, and got me a doctor. They’ve been with me ever since.”

Mrs. Janice’s care team checks on her through at-home and telehealth visits. They help her set up medical appointments, assist with her medication, and more.

Today Mrs. Janice is living more comfortably in her home, along with her beloved pets: a Boston terrier, two parakeets, and a fish. She enjoys baking, but not for herself. “I have diabetes,” she explains. “I enjoy watching others eat what I bake.”

For Mrs. Janice, CCA has been a welcome change from the health plans she’s had in the past.

“CCA really gets involved with you. They love what they do, and they care,” she says.

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