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Nancy's story

June 29, 2023
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Nancy joined CCA in 2022, which turned out to be fortunate timing. Her CCA care partner, Shannon, was able to offer her critical support during a difficult year for her health.

After suffering from migraines with an aura, or vision changes, Nancy’s doctor ordered tests to rule out a brain tumor. Fortunately, the results came back favorably, and Nancy does not have cancer. But until they got the good news, it was an emotional time for Nancy and her husband, who is also a CCA member.  

Looking back on this time, Nancy is most grateful for Shannon and her advocacy. Shannon helped Nancy determine whether her doctor was in the CCA network. When Nancy needed to find specialists with the correct expertise that were also convenient to her location, Shannon walked her through the options and helped her schedule appointments.

Ultimately, Shannon made sure Nancy would not have to switch providers when she most needed doctors she trusts. Shannon would even call ahead of Nancy’s medical appointments, and follow up afterward, to be sure everything was going smoothly.

When the neuro-ophthalmologist confirmed Nancy did not have a brain tumor, she called Shannon just to share the good news, because she knew that Shannon would be happy.

“I’ve never had anything like this happen before with a health plan,” Nancy said of the support she received. “It could have been so much more stressful if it wasn’t for Shannon.”

Nancy is a caregiver to her 94-year-old mother. She and her husband are also avid golfers who are very involved in their church community. They have two children that live out of state, who they try to see as much as possible. They value staying active in order to keep doing the things they love.

Nancy said she is grateful she and her husband don’t have to take valuable time and energy away from the important things in their life to navigate coordinating their healthcare thanks to the help they receive from CCA.

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