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Rey's story

June 23, 2021
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CCA One Care member in bed with book

Rey has been a CCA One Care member for nearly a decade. He suffered a spinal cord injury after a car accident in 2002. During his initial hospital stay, Rey didn’t feel like he was in charge of his care. “I didn’t question what I got because I felt like I should be grateful,” he says.

Although he was trying to get back to normal by finishing school, Rey didn’t have a vision for his health and how it would impact his life. When he joined CCA after being referred by one of his doctors, his care team asked him questions other healthcare professionals didn’t, including what his goals were and what he needed to accomplish them.

After reaching several health goals with CCA, Rey realized that with the right support, he could do more. He says that his care team at CCA has never treated him like a patient—they treat him like an equal. The success he achieved in reaching some of his health goals even inspired him to write a children’s book.

“My care team and I are trying to accomplish the same goal: to get me to succeed in whatever I want to achieve.”

Rey says members shouldn’t be afraid to ask for what they need from CCA, and to make the most of all the benefits CCA offers. “Whether it’s transportation or help with getting a chair, or other day-to-day things that you might need, think big.”

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