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The future of healthcare and how it impacts you

January 18, 2023
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Healthcare is changing fast. As your health plan, it’s our duty to help you navigate these changes and get the care you need. As 2023 begins, we wanted to discuss two key industry trends that will impact you in the months and years to come.


Technology has always advanced the practice of medicine. We now have tools that can keep us living healthier and longer. Technology has even made it possible for you to see your providers remotely. And while that may seem like a small change, access to telehealth (virtual care) has greatly increased your access to care. In fact, telehealth made it possible for CCA to stay in touch with you during the pandemic. CCA will continue to invest in technologies that help you get the quality care you deserve.

Care beyond medicine

While the healthcare industry has typically focused on medical solutions, it’s finally paying attention to the social factors that can impact the care you receive. At CCA, we’ve been at the forefront of patient-centered care since our founding 20 years ago. From the way we design our benefits to the care teams we send into our communities, we specialize in helping you with a wide range of needs. We’re proud of our long history and success in helping our members live safely and independently at home.

Over the past two years, we’ve helped members with over 1.3 million meals, over 1.5 million rides to appointments, and over 150,000 home modifications.

Helping you with these needs is at the core of our mission, and we will continue to make it a priority in the years to come. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

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